New York - Baked by Melissa

Once again, I know I haven't posted in a while (sorry!), but I literally have not been home for the past month. Between visiting my family over the holidays and traveling for the first 3 weeks of January on business I've been a busy little bee. So I hope that you guys cut me a little slack. Because I promise to get back on top of things here in the Tallahassee restaurant a just a bit.

First, I'm going to fill you in on some of the best treats from my travels. First up is Baked by Melissa, a wonderful little cupcakery in NYC. During my trip to the Big Apple, I was staying in SoHo and one afternoon as I was exploring the city I found this little gem. And since you all know my eternal love for cupcakes, I could not pass it up. Literally, my DNA is just hard-wired to seek out and consume all cupcakes in the area. So, I totally have that excuse.

Anyway, I LOVE the Baked by Melissa philosophy. She felt that all too often when you walk into a bakery, you just want to eat everything in sight! So she decided to make a line of miniature stuffed cupcakes, so that people can experience more flavors without all the guilt. That's right - I said STUFFED cupcakes. These things have everything from cookie dough to jelly to marshmallows to oreo cookies inside! I have no idea how she could make something so tiny taste so scrumpdillyicious, but she certainly did just that. I mean, check them out - they're barely bigger than a quarter! But don't be fooled, they pack a big punch.

I picked up a pack of 6 for $5.50 and 3 is about just right for one serving. The hardest part is trying not to scarf the darn things in one bite! I tried with all my might to make them stretch to two bites each - but I think once I did pop a whole one in there.

So, if you ever find yourself in SoHo, be sure to search out Baked by Melissa. It's worth the trip. I certainly went back for more. Like the next day. For a whole new box. Yep. I'm obsessed.

Tally Foodie Rating:
Atmosphere - N/A (it's just a take-out window)
Taste - A (but be sure to eat them fresh, they get stale rather quickly since they're so small)
Presentation - N/A (again, take out)
Service - A
Price - $

Bakery Info:
Baked by Melissa
529 Broadway
New York, NY 10012

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